Benjamin Moore Stonington Gray review

If you are desperately looking for a cool neutral, Benjamin Moore Stonington Gray might be the ideal fit for your needs. The gorgeous silvery gray tone makes a beautiful backdrop for all sorts of rooms.

Benjamin Moore Stonington Gray review

Although grays are a timeless classic, they’ve taken the design world by storm over the last ten years. Muted gray tones are considered an excellent way to freshen up a room and introduce sophistication. Stonington Gray is one of Benjamin Moore’s best sellers. With an LRV of 59.36, the medium shade of gray is brings tranquility to a room. It’s considered a cooler gray shade, especially when compared to other popular grays, like Sherwin Williams Agreeable Gray, but is still relatively neutral, which makes it easy to use in all sorts of spaces.

Stonington Gray is a lovely medium gray tone with cool undertones. Under specific light conditions, the blue undertone will become prevalent. Therefore, consider this before you decide to commit to this color choice.

A crisp white trim and walls painted with Benjamin Moore Stonington Gray seem to be decorators’ favorite combination. The medium gray makes the bright white tones stand out, highlighting the beauty of the trim and its details.

Below, we’re sharing examples of the color used in different rooms, plus complementary hues, and similar colors if you find that Stonington Gray isn’t quite right for you, or you’re looking for other options for your project before you make your final choice.

Where to use Benjamin Moore Stonington Gray

Stonington Gray Entryway

If you want to make the best first impression, Stonington Gray is excellent for your entryway. The paint color will help you create a curated foyer that wishes a warm welcome to your guests. Go for a carefully selected combination of muted grays to create a subtle but elegant space.

Stonington Gray Bedroom

When choosing the right paint color for your bedroom, serene and calm tones are your best choice. With its medium tone, Stonington Gray is the ideal choice for sprucing up your bedroom. Feel free to complement it with warm whites for a modern and cozy look. However, be sure to check how the warm and cool colors behave when placed next to each other. The blue tone in Stonington Gray might highlight the yellow tone in some warm whites. If this isn’t the look you’re going for, be sure to check how the color combination behaves under different lighting.

Make an accent wall stand out

An accent wall will make a remarkable statement and add a stylish note to your home. For this project, you might want to use bold colors that stand out. However, you would like to provide the perfect neutral backdrop to highlight its beauty. For example, a navy focal wall will perfectly stand out among gray walls.

Stonington Gray living room

A medium gray shade like Stonington Gray is the ideal choice for a living room. The cool neutrals set a subtle base, allowing you to play with the other elements. Therefore, you are free to add a pop of color and inject dynamics into the space. Yellow accents bring energy to your living room and lift the mood. For a feminine touch, you can add coral or pink details.

Stonington Gray bathroom

When remodeling your bathroom, choosing the right paint color can be overwhelming. If you are going for a simple and modern look, then Stonington Gray will ideally fit your requirements. The calm tone will complement marble to perfection, creating a sophisticated space that feels like a luxurious spa. Therefore, the medium gray color will flatter the marble tile flooring or a marble countertop.

Stonington Gray house exterior

If you plan to revamp the exterior, Stonington Gray is one of the options to consider as your final choice. The fresh color will enhance the curb appeal while subtly flattering your style. If you are looking for a natural look and mimic the exterior of a mountain house, feel free to use faux stone tiling. Opt for crisp white details if you want a modern and sleek look.use Chantilly Lace to paint the trims for a gorgeous contrast that makes a statement. For a stylish and sophisticated look, you can opt for darker gray. If your house receives plenty of sunlight, keep in mind that the color will look lighter.

What colors go with Benjamin Moore Stonington Gray

Stonington Gray is a versatile color that can be used as a base to build your color scheme. If you are looking for colors that go with Benjamin Moore Stonington Gray, check Puritan Gray, Chantilly Lace, Lychee, and Decorator’s White. The gray matches perfectly with muted tones to create a subtle color palette that conveys peacefulness and tranquility.

Puritan Gray

With LRV of 34.29, Puritan Gray is a marvelous medium gray that pairs excellently with Stonington Gray. It is an excellent match if you want to create a muted monochromatic color scheme for your next project.

Chantilly Lace

Chantilly Lace is a gorgeous crisp white tone that would make the perfect contrast with Stonington Gray. The classic white color is ideal for trims to complement the lovely gray tone.


Stonington Gray works well with warm tones, so Lychee is one of the recommended matches. The white town with a hint of peach will illuminate the space with its high LRV.

Decorator’s White

Decorator’s White is a subtle white tone with a cold gray undertone, making the perfect match with Stonington Gray. These colors are perfect if you are after a timeless curated color palette.

What paint is similar to Benjamin Moore Stonington Gray

If you are looking for paint similar to Stonington Gray, you would want to consider the following choices: Silver Chain, Sleigh Bells, Nimbus, and Arctic Gray.

Silver Chain

Silver Chain is a cool gray color that is an ideal replacement for Stonington Gray. The sophisticated tone is pretty similar but a little darker.

Sleigh Bells

Just like Stonington Gray, Sleigh Bells is a beautiful cool gray. It has a slightly higher LRV, meaning that it is a lighter tone.


Nimbus is somewhere between gray and beige but still manages to fit perfectly with both cool and warm tones. If you are looking for a somewhat flexible color but still want to keep gray’s neutral character, then this would be the ideal replacement for Stonington Gray.

Arctic Gray

Arctic Gray is the ideal replacement if you look for a color with an outstanding cool vibe. Being part of the classic collection, it will complement a wide range of cool neutrals.

What is the undertone of Stonington Gray?

Stonington Gray has a slight mild blue undertone. Also, it can have a slight purple undertone under specific light conditions. The gorgeous stone is a cold gray that will make a great contrast with crisp white colors. When paired with cool-toned whites, the blue tone tends to stand out. However, when you pair Stonington Gray with warm whites, things take a different direction. The blue undertone will bring out the yellow undertone in warm colors.