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DIY Upcycled Scarf Necklace|Using silk scarves and beads you can create these one of a kind necklaces.|Submitted to
No Sew Fabric Pumpkins|Pick your fabric and make these quick and easy no sew fabric pumpkins.|Submitted to
Transform Foam Pumpkins Into Pretty Fall Decor|Those bright orange foam pumpkins can be a little too bright and not quite match your room. The steps in this tutorial will teach you to paint them and have a whole new look!|Submitted to
Upcycled Food Tray Chalkboard|Repurpose and old tray or even an old school food tray with this food tray chalkboard tutorial. With a few supplies you can create this fun piece!|Submitted to
DIY Gather Here Sign|This beautiful sign could hang in any part of your home where you gather with family and friends the most. Customize the color and size to what would fit your space and enjoy!|Submitted to