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DIY Clay Tassel Keychain|This clay tassle keychain will help you keep track of your keys and look good at the same time.|Submitted to
His & Hers Face Planters|Face planters have become a popular item to add to your decor in any room. This fun project will teach you how to personalize and make your own face planters.|Submitted to
DIY Valentine's Chocolate Box|Give your Valentine a customized gift for Valentine's Day. Take a standard box of chocolates and customize the lid for your Valentine.|Submitted to
Upcycled Christmas Sweater Ornaments|Making your own ornaments is always a fun Holiday project and great way to build memories. These Upcycled Christmas Sweater Ornaments are a fun way to use old sweaters and create unique ornaments to use year after year.|Submitted to
Paper Gift Boxes|Giving Holiday treats is more fun when you make and use these Paper Gift Boxes! Choose your card stock, papers, embellishments and make a one of a kind treat container.|Submitted to