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Easy DIY Watercolor Basket|Give a plain rope basket a beautiful watercolor look with this easy DIY watercolor basket tutorial.|Submitted to
DIY Citronella Candle|Enjoy the summer evenings and make these DIY Citronella Candles to keep the bugs away. In just a few steps, you can make your own citronella candles and place where needed while enjoying your outdoor space. Candles can be placed in tea cups, old kitchen wares or other useful containers.|Submitted to
Custom Acrylic Drawer Organizers|Staying organized is a little easier when you make these DIY custom acrylic drawer organizers. With a few items, you can make these acrylic dividers with a gold touch and make them fit into any space needed.|Submitted to
DIY Back to School Soap|It's almost that time of year again, back to school! These fun and colorful DIY School soaps will make it more fun and easy to make.|Submitted to