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DIY No Sew Applique Labels|Spring is a great time to clean and organize. These no sew appliqué labels would be a fun and easy addition to canvas bins that you want to organize or add to your room. They work best on canvas or linen fabric (plastic will melt). This technique could also be used on shirts as well. Choose your fabric and wow are there so many great fabrics to choose from! Choosing your template of a number or other shape is the next step. Iron adhesive makes this project easy and quick. After your iron adhesive has been adhered to canvas, outline in puffy paint to give a finished look and dry overnight. So many projects are possible!|Submitted to
Decorating Jars With Twine Flowers|These empty jars are given a new purpose when covered in twine and a band of ribbon. The twine flowers are the finishing touch and easy to make using a flower loom. Flowers can be made out of twine, ribbon or yarn. Step by step tutorial will show you the steps to make these flowers. To give the flowers a finishing touch, wooden flowers are added. There are so many ideas and options with these flowers. Magnets can be placed on the back of the flowers as well. These flowers would make cute gift toppers too!|Submitted to
DIY Faux Succulent Terrarium|Adding greenery to your home is good for the air and nice to bring the outdoors in, but if you have lack a green thumb... this DIY Faux Succulent Terrarium project is perfect for you! You can create the look of a live succulent terrarium without the worry of keeping it alive. Gather your supplies together and get this project started. First of all, river rocks are beautiful on their own but you can also add a little glitz by spray painting them gold or another color. Place your river rocks where you'd like them and begin layering your supplies. Plastic succulents can look real and are also fun to work with. The jar you choose can make all the difference for the look you achieve and the statement you want to create. Have fun making this project all your own whether you have a green thumb or not. |Submitted to
DIY Wood Slat Door Mat|You know that one person's trash may be another person's treasure? This project is a good example of that! Wood that was going to be discarded was gathered and put to a great use. This wood mat is an easy project, useful and unique for any doorway. After prepping the wood, drilling holes you can decide what design you'd like to add to your mat. Get creative and have fun with your design and enjoy your new creation!|Submitted to
50 Cool and Easy DIY Crafts For Teens|These DIY Craft ideas are cool, easy and inexpensive for teens to make. There are many ideas and links listed to help inspire creativity and DIY projects. Slowing down and using imagination and a of course a few craft supplies can make the days this summer more fun!|Submitted to