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DIY Succulent Bowls|There are so many beautiful and different types of succulents in nurseries everywhere. This DIY Succulent bowl tutorial will give you some good ideas and tips. Choosing a container for your succulents is part of the fun in this project.|Submitted to
DIY Wallpaper Backsplash|Choosing a backsplash for your kitchen can be a tough choice as well as expensive. A good quality wallpaper could be your solution! This DIY Backsplash tutorial will walk you through the steps to do this project.|Submitted to Inspiration
5 Easy DIY Wall Art Hacks Using Tape|Decorating your walls can be expensive and with these 5 Easy DIY wall art ideas, you can have great walls in no time and a fraction of the cost!|Submitted to
DIY lip gloss|Make your own lipgloss with this DIY lipgloss tutorial. There are so many variations and colors along with these cute printed labels for the lids.|Submitted to
Placemat Wine Gift Bag|There are so many cute placemats out there so why not make a few placemat wine gift bags? These make great hostess gifts!|Submitted to